A comparison of disney mgm and universal amusement parks

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Where should I go Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort?

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Battle of the Theme Parks: Disney vs. Universal

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Universal Orlando the two largest theme parks in Orlando. This article explains their similarities and differences!

Disney World Vs. Universal Studios Florida

The best theme parks in Orlando, predictably, are dominated by the ‘big two’ of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. The reason is simple: these aren’t just two separate parks, but actually whole worlds of family-friendly fun, with around a dozen different parks between them, as well as numerous shows, performances, dining and nightlife hubs.

Disney uses only 1/7 of that for their four theme parks (Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom) which each take between acres. The property contains over two dozen (and growing) Disney-owned and operated resort hotels.

Jun 26,  · How to Compare Disney World Theme Parks. If you've never been to Walt Disney World before, you're probably wondering what it's like. By comparing parks, it's sometimes a great idea to get an idea of what each park is like.

This article 43%(7). With Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando mere miles from each other, it's tempting to squeeze both theme parks into one vacation.

By the Numbers: A Comparison of Disney's Theme Parks

After all, each park offers something different for each.

A comparison of disney mgm and universal amusement parks
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